Blame it On


In the fakest place on earth five crazy individuals manage to stay friends as they are constantly reminded, all that glitters in Hollywood is not gold! 

A group of losers find themselves stuck in Hollywood. Not the glamorous part, but the underbelly of the city. You will not see palm trees or Hollywood stars here, only bad Botox jobs and cheesy kid stars. Everything and everyone you ever shook your head over or made fun of, are up close and personal. Craig, Kevin, Karen, Barry, Erica and a cast of one-liners are ready to entertain you every night with their plight to survive in Hollywood. They manage to stay friends in a place that is known to be the fakest place on earth.  Lighthearted comedies that will make you laugh out loud. Blame it On fills the void of other famous sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld. It’s a sitcom with a classic story line and characters that you want to know for ten years. Bringing the big city feel that is normally associated with New York City, to Hollywood.