Legends speak of city. A city said to hide deep within the hollow of the earth. A harmonious city which holds the secrets to limitless wisdom, health and eternal youth for all mankind. A city named… Agartha.

After a lifetime of research (and what some would call an obsession to find the heralded city of Agartha) Alfred Strathmore, president of Enterprise Expeditions, assembled a team to pinpoint the entrance to the legendary utopia. Leading the expedition were his most experienced explorers, Hans von Westerberg and Alfred's own daughter Elysia Strathmore. After some promising discoveries in the Himalayan Mountains the team mysteriously vanished.

So the story begins as Strathmore pours over all that remains of the expedition, just a few film tapes shot by a film crew accompanying the explorers on their dangerous mission. What is found in the footage, discovered at their last known campsite, is not only puzzling, but reveals that the team may have discovered more than just an ancient city...

Something else is living deep within the earth.