Blame it On


In the fakest place on earth five crazy individuals manage to stay friends as they are constantly reminded, all that glitters in Hollywood is not gold! 

A group of losers find themselves stuck in Hollywood. Not the glamorous part, but the underbelly of the city. You will not see palm trees or Hollywood stars here, only bad Botox jobs and cheesy kid stars. Everything and everyone you ever shook your head over or made fun of, are up close and personal. Craig, Kevin, Karen, Barry, Erica and a cast of one-liners are ready to entertain you every night with their plight to survive in Hollywood. They manage to stay friends in a place that is known to be the fakest place on earth.  Lighthearted comedies that will make you laugh out loud. Blame it On fills the void of other famous sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld. It’s a sitcom with a classic story line and characters that you want to know for ten years. Bringing the big city feel that is normally associated with New York City, to Hollywood.

By Night


In the grand tradition of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Rod Serling's Twilight ZoneBY NIGHT is a mystery/thriller anthology series for a modern generation. Each short episode journeys into the unknown with tales of the paranormal and horrors of the human condition. Everything has a dark side! In the pilot episode "Coming Storm" an out-of-control evening of partying for a group of friends at a cabin in the mountains leads to someone being chained in a corner. As a storm rages outside, the night reveals monsters within.

Who Shot Ringo

Crime Thriller/Western

Set in the old west, this riveting tale takes the viewer into one of histories biggest mysteries… Who killed Johnny Ringo?

The show will consist of 8-12 episodes, with each highlighting a murder suspect and their motive. The style of the show will feature non-linear storytelling (Pulp FictionMemento), jumping forward and backward in time highlighting a clue, character development and of course our motif for the possible killing of Ringo.



Legends speak of city. A city said to hide deep within the hollow of the earth. A harmonious city which holds the secrets to limitless wisdom, health and eternal youth for all mankind. A city named… Agartha.

After a lifetime of research (and what some would call an obsession to find the heralded city of Agartha) Alfred Strathmore, president of Enterprise Expeditions, assembled a team to pinpoint the entrance to the legendary utopia. Leading the expedition were his most experienced explorers, Hans von Westerberg and Alfred's own daughter Elysia Strathmore. After some promising discoveries in the Himalayan Mountains the team mysteriously vanished.

So the story begins as Strathmore pours over all that remains of the expedition, just a few film tapes shot by a film crew accompanying the explorers on their dangerous mission. What is found in the footage, discovered at their last known campsite, is not only puzzling, but reveals that the team may have discovered more than just an ancient city...

Something else is living deep within the earth.